The Propage

The Propage is where your Project Team, or your Product Team, puts all of their deliverables & content.  This page laid out to easily find your team’s files, folders, meeting notes and features.

One Powerful Board

The Propage is the single place your teams’ deliverables, meetings & flashpages.
The Propage allows your team to navigate folders by avoiding  deep nested folder structures. If you want to see all Change Orders for all projects, you can do that without having to navigate into each specific project and finding a specific ‘Change Order’ folder.
All Propages are setup the same way: Folders on top, Flashpages on the right.  This keeps everything consistent.
Simply drag a card/file to a Folder to categorize it. Or Drag a card/file to a feature (Flashpage); you can do either, or both and the system works to help organize for you and your team.