The Propage

The Propage is the Team Space for your Project Team or Product Team. This page is laid out to easily find and filter all your teams' files, meeting notes, wiki, how-to documents and other content.

*Recently Updated: See the Future of the Propage *

Deliverable Types (Folders)

No more nested folders. The Propage is a 'flat-styled' layout allowing teammates to quickly find what may have been uploaded by someone else. When clicking on a folder, you can see all files across ALL flashpages within the teamspace.

Team Meeting Notes

Meeting notes no longer needlessly be left in Word documents, Notepads and the like on our laptops. Meeting notes easily allow for any team member to take notes, and @mention any features or projects they are working on, building proper history for each.

Feature Snapshots (Flashpages)

These are collections of files, shared-links, and notes, that provide a full picture of the feature, campaign, or customization your team built.

Learn more about Flashpages here.