Happy Friday Redocd family!

Being a startup, we’re constantly in the tension of building and executing for TODAY, and also trying to dream up the future for TOMORROW. Today this article…is more the latter.

We are putting together some amazing concepts, and today I wanted to share and get your feedback on our team project space – the Propage.

A place you want to live

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With the current Propage, the system just presents you with a BUNCH of files you and your team have recently uploaded or linked. While having quick access is helpful at times, it doesn’t create a place you want to work, a place you want your work to live.

Being efficient is for the single user. Having awareness is for the team.

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I wanted to help the user feel like their at ‘home’ when they first arrive. It may not be ‘as efficient’ as having all the recent files in your face, but at least you will know where to start, feel organized, and move from there.

The proposed new look provides a sense of ‘spatial awareness’.

In comparison, in a good way, Google Drive is built for single users: it gets you your files fast. But when you start to use Google Drive for a team, or even multiple teams, it becomes a clutter nightmare. There is no ‘fixed’ places where you can get your bearings. Everything is dynamic, changing – new files, new folders – new new new!

Redocd is focused on Team Efficiency. How can I empower everyone else on my team, or in my organization, to find quickly, collaborate easily, and build together. To do this in software, there must be ‘fixed areas’ you can count on to be the same no matter which project you’re looking at.

More Power, More Home

If you have used Redocd before, you’ll quickly see the difference between the current Propage, and the new. A couple concepts we are playing with:

  • Project Team Image – An image of the product you’re working on
  • Team Logo – A logo for your team
  • Team Members – Visualizing the team members on the page, their role and maybe the types of documents they typically contribute (e.g. Design Mockups)
  • Productivity and Team Stats – These are really cool. We’re dialing in what stats we want to provide. I won’t share all of what we’re thinking, but we will have things like “How many times did another team use/clone a feature of yours?”

Let us know what you think could be really cool or useful for your project team page. What would you want to see, in addition to quick access to your files , features (Flashpages) and meeting notes?