The Flashpage

Flashpages are collections of files, links, and notes that maintain your team's workflow, or method of delivery. This is related to team Data Governance. Flashpages can be easily cloned, allowing you to retain your folder structure for the next feature, customization, campaign, or other assignment your team decided to build out next.

Content Governance / Folder Workflow

A list of folders is on the right-hand side of the Flashpage. This order, configured by you and your teammates, is your standard workflow for building a feature, campaign or assignment.

Meeting Timeline

A meeting timeline is provided on the Flashpage. Anytime anyone from your organization @mentions this Flashpage, the history is maintained here.

Feature Metadata

Metadata (About section) of the Flashpage allows for you and your team to save and review important information about this Flashpage. This includes Projected (hours or storypoints), Actual effort, key dates and more.


A Clone button is available on the Flashpage. When clicked, a new Flashpage will be created with the same folder structure in place, easily allowing you to quickly start the next feature or assignment.

Learn about Propages here.