Happy Tuesday Ya’ll.

I am stoked to let you know that we have officially partnered with our second partner and customer, Fivable. I am super excited, and I can hear the wheels starting to rattle off right now 😀

Seriously though, this is going to be a very powerful partnership as Bryan (the CEO) is leading his company to a very cool future, and we are honored to be a small part of that.

Fivable is a software services company here in Columbia, SC. They have built several solutions for many different types of organizations including faith-based non-profits and parking technology startups. Fivable also has built its own proprietary Learning Management System (LMS) that allows them to serve its customers as a services and software product company.

Bryan & Dane

Fivable and Redocd…and Slack

After talking with Bryan, we were talking through how his company likes to work, and the number one thing is that they move fast. There are so many moving parts, people in remote locations, clients that change their minds, etc. And because of their size, they can move quickly to adapt to these changes, which makes them very effective and efficient.

However, one thing that wasn’t working well was integrations. At Fivable, a lot of their stream of consciousness and chat lives in Slack. And early on, Bryan developed a connector between Slack and their project management software, although over time this proved to not really scratch the itch of what their team was needing.

Through our conversations, I strongly advised them to use a knowledge management system in-between their chat (Slack) and their project management software where they build out actionable tasks to deliver code. I explained that a good knowledge management space allows information to move from chat (stream of consciousness) to something more meaningful before trying to build out a kanban board.

In the middle live the deliverables, the mockups, the storyboards, and the meeting notes

There is a middle layer where teammates can lay out their delivery, and move those meeting notes, assets and everything else before they are broken into tasks in PM software. And with this, came Bryan’s request for a Slack Report.

Redocd & Slack

Bryan mentioned that so much today happens in Slack, and I couldn’t agree more. He mentioned that there are many follow-ups and to-do’s mentioned in Slack that go there to die. Two are mentioned in one channel, three in another, one in another… and only about 30% get done because they essentially just get lost to the ether.

Bryan and I both knew we wanted to build a report of these follow-ups, but it had to be meaningful. These follow-ups are the ‘everything else’ that doesn’t go in a PM software. In PM softwares, you will have true user stories to build software (e.g. User opens the app and clicks Cart icon). But in a follow-up, you may simply have an item like “Reach out to Client XYZ and send the PDFs mockups with updated blue/green color scheme and fixed icons”. << That should never live in a PM system!

Slack Report Mockup

What we’re looking to with Redocd is to manage this kind of content. Macro content (e.g. assets, deliverables, contracts) as well as micro/atomic content (e.g. dev environment URLs, logins, passwords) and everything in between like meeting notes. We are working with teams to intentionally add content to Redocd, kind of like Pinterest where images are ‘pinned’ to a board, instead of trying to stream in every data source like Splunk or some of the other big data players.

Finishing 2021 Strong

We as a team here at DreamLeader are truly excited about what even the end of 2021 will bring, even 2022… Although it’s been truly a wild year with everything going on, I am grateful to be partnering with hopeful, focused and strong guys like Bryan. Check out his stuff here at https://fivable.com