Filters have come to Propages! So…what does this mean?

More important than simply filtering for a specific file, you can find any file your teammates have uploaded. But don’t only filter for files your teammates have added, you can also find link-shared documents.

…but don’t just filter for uploaded or link-shared documents, you can also find specific Meeting Notes too!…

…and Wiki articles!

…and even How To’s!…


Simply type into the keyword filter box, and watch the screen dynamically update your cards (files, links, wiki, how-to) and meeting notes. Bam.

And if that doesn’t get you close enough, you can ‘filter out’ the results by using the ‘Does not include‘ filter. This is extremely helpful for refining search results quickly and getting rid of the clutter.


Channels are a way to find files or documents based on the application type, even if that application is an online application.

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For example: You are looking for a spreadsheet from a client that includes a very important data mapping but you can’t remember if it was Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets. Simply check both Excel and Sheets in the Channel dropdown. Easy peasy.

These filters truly make finding anything from your teammates and clients a snap.

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