Redocd is the perfect compliment to the project tracking tool your team uses everyday. Lightweight, simple, and consistent, Redocd allows your team to save and sort all of their content without having to configure, design or publish massive KM spaces over and over.

Check out just some of Redocd's amazing Features below...

As software is making a shift to using Shareable Links for online tools and applications, we knew that these online files needed to be saved and organized just like other project documents like Word documents, PDFs and images.

When taking notes, the easiest thing (maybe not the best thing) is to open a Notepad on your laptop and just start typing. We knew it had to be that easy if anyone was going to save their notes in a team space.

With the Redocd Chrome Extension, you can open a New Chrome tab, hit the SPACEBAR and get a fresh Notepad right within your team page.

"Put it all together" with the Flashpage. Everything your team does, in sequential order, to deliver that Feature, that Epic, that Event, or that Campaign.

With Cloning a Flashpage, you get a fresh feature/epic page that keeps your folder order so your team can immediately start adding their content again.