Happy Feature Friday! It’s a wonderful December the 3rd, and where I’m at, it’s the beginning of what’s called ‘Christmasville’ here in Rock Hill (South Carolina). It could not be a more perfect and beautiful time, and on such a great day, we do come bearing some great gifts!

List View

Now funny enough, there are features that I get excited about, that no one seems to care about: small, nuanced, and subtle things that may make worklife a tiny bit better…this is not one of them. However, this IS that very thing for some people I know (cough customer cough partner cough many people not like me). So, working our way through our priorities, I finally decided to pick this up, realizing I probably should have had this much earlier on. So, without any further ado, I present you, the List View:

List View on The Client Portal
List View on the Propage

Lists in all their glory. List views are available on The Propage and Client Portal, and can be simply toggled on and off in the top-right of the page. Also, list views do have a right-click action for any sub-actions you may need, although it does not support drag and drop. Lastly, there is a Notes touch point on every item…more to come on this. But Enjoy!

View Forms

Now, for all Redocd Stream meeting notes, snippets and articles, View Forms are available. These not only provide a polished look and feel, but prepare Redocd for many very cool initiatives we have planned which require locking down an article written in Redocd…

View Form on a Stream meeting note

There’s a few fun things you will want to make note about these view forms:

  • They are dynamically sized: Unless you author a full page wiki, the view forms only pop-up to the size you need them. If you store some very important, but very little environment information for your latest product, opening the file won’t open an entire full page editor. It’s a much cleaner experience, and really helps with “snappy-ness”
  • Just double-click to open into Edit mode. Or use the toggle in the top-right. Super easy to go back and forth
  • Checkboxes are ‘checkable’ in View forms, so no need to toggle to Edit mode to simply update a checklist

Copy and Paste Linkshare

Another quick win that I may have backlogged for a little too long, you can now paste any URL or link-shared document directly into your Propage, Flashpage or Client Portal. Redocd will render the card on the fly, and allow you to put it right where it needs to go.


here’s to the month of December! It’s truly a magical time here in Rock Hill, and you should come to Christmasville. And if you’re also here, pop by the office, have a coffee, and also see what’s coming next for Redocd.