DuoDot Organization

DuoDot is a simplified organization theory which allows for all project and product pages to have the same exact layout. By having the same layout, all projects and products can easily be compared, shared and understood with no prior context.


A card can only belong to a single Folder.
Folders are used to explain ‘what it is’. What type of deliverable is being added to the Propage? Is the file/card a Mockup? Is it a RFP? Is it a Change Order?


A card can belong to many Flashpages.
Flashpages are used to explain the ‘where a card’ belongs. Is this file/card a process flow that belongs to multiple features? Or is this a Change Order that belongs to many epics your team is working on?
Having a singular folder-to-file relationship allows you to quickly find similar documents, or upload documents in one big ‘dump’ and then determine where (flashpage) they belong later.
Having a many Flashpage-to-file relationship allows you to relate different types of deliverables needed to create a feature.  Every thing your team builds is comprised by different team members putting together unique deliverables  to create a single feature, unit, customization, etc.