The Client Portal is a minimalist view, provided by you (and your teammates) to the client you are working with directly. The portal is a sub-view or snapshot of your team’s Propage, but with less functionality. The Portal is setup to empower your project team to share only the folders, content, etc. with your client, and protect everything else.

Activating the Client Portal

To turn on the Client Portal for your team’s Propage, simply follow these steps: 

  1.  On the left-side of the Propage, click the About tab
  2.  Click the Create Client Portal button
  3.  Once the Client Portal Tab appears, you will have access to many options, including a shareable link for your client which does not require any Redocd login or password to access

Client Portal Configuration

URLThis is the shareable link for the Client Portal. You can click here to ‘Copy Link’ and also you can refresh the URL, which will break any existing URL/link that was previously used. This is a good security feature in case the link is ever lost, or compromised.
StatusA simple dropdown status field for tracking the status of the client in relationship to your organization.
Action Actions are simple, asynchronous communications you can have with your client all through your Client Portal, and your Propage. These actions are fixed action types, but there are some assets of these actions that are configurable (see below)
Allow CommentsIf checked, the action you have configured will allow for addition comments. If unchecked, the action message will be immediately sent to the Propage from the Client Portal with a single click.
Link a CardIf desired, an action can have an associated ‘card’. A good example is for when using the ‘Provide Feedback’ action. In this example, you may wish to associate a Survey Monkey feedback form, that can easily be associated to this action. This can all be easily done from the Propage, but simply dragging and dropping any link-share URL or hard document

Mirroring Folders

To add folders to the Client Portal, you can do this by two different ways:

  • Right-Click on any folder, and click ‘Mirror to Client
  • Click the ‘More’ button next to the folder list at the top of the Propage, and then click the grid icon
    • Check all folders that should be mirrored to the client, then simply click ‘Mirror to Client Portal’

Using the Client Portal

Using the Client Portal is just like using the Propage, with respect to moving cards, opening and editing files and so forth. For more information on using cards, docking cards, and more, check out more here.