The Redocd Chrome Extension

Gone are the days when uploaded files were all that needed to be managed. Today, there are many online apps and SAAS tools with files all over the web. Get the tool that manages both together.

Doc It right to your team page.

Anything with a URL.
Read below for How it Works

Click Copy Link in any app

Online apps will have a [Share], [Copy Link] or [Get Shareable Link] button somewhere within a project. Simply click that button to activate the Redocd Chrome Extension.

Click “Doc It!”

Clicking ‘Doc It!’ at the bottom of the pop-up will generate a link directly to your within Redocd project page. Adding additional tags like features (Flashpages) and folders is optional.


Doc a file directly to your team Propage. The file will appear in the ‘Inbound’ area of the page, unless further tags were added when docking the file; then the file would appear in the respective folder.

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Open Redocd as an App in your taskbar