1-Year Propage Anniversary

Happy Friday ya’ll!

It’s been one year, sans one day, since I posted publicly some vision for our our app Redocd. As I’m updating the website for the new things we’re doing, my gut reaction looking at these old posts, marketing materials, copy…it’s to cringe a little bit since we (the team here) have elevated some since making them. Our team is better at writing code, our team is better at designing, and I for sure am better at communicating vision and scrum mastering.

After I get through the initial cringe, I realize I don’t want to hide any of our history. Although it may now look silly, amateur, dreamer, whatever…I am so proud of where we have come as a team. I am proud of myself, that we even made it this far. And if nothing else, we did it. We built a fun, beautiful app that if used intentionally, will bless any (smaller-sized) organization.

We are at another checkpoint, getting ready to go into Fall 2021. I think Redocd (DreamLeader) has been the most consistent thing in my career to date, aside from my four-year stint at Blackbaud (great job). Soon Redocd will overtake that “Enduring” or “Consistent” trophy, where as the rest of my career of is seemingly peppered with contracts, and jobs; all of them so meaningful, and all of them preparing me to set out in my own boat in time.

We have big goals for Redocd, and DreamLeader as the parent company. Tommy, my new partner and I have set course and we are well underway to meet some new, exciting, and uncharted seas. I could not be happier with where we are today. I, of course, wish always we would get there sooner…but the process has truly helped me enjoy the process.

Truly God, as a big Dad sitting in his chair, has slowed me down some so I can to savor the moments like with my developer, where we work in the ‘dark’ (non-production), where no one sees working out the things we’ve now overcome and survived. Deployments failed and resurrected, only to be delivered (mostly) on-time.

We are a blessed company of people, and I for sure am one today. I raise a coffee to Redocd, to our past year of vision casting, and to the next year of delivery.