Knowledge Governance

Like most every team, your team probably has a somewhat repeatable process for how delivering products and features: First gather some use cases, then map out a couple storyboards, and then throw together some wireframes, which then get revised into polished mockups.

And after you have finished the discovery and design process, your team develops (code or configure…or both), tests, and then supports the feature or product by creating how-to documents, installation instructions, and other supporting material.

Flashpages are built to support this in Redocd. On the right-side of each flashpage, your team’s method of delivery / workflow is right there, in order. No need to create a thousand templates anymore; with the click of a Clone button on your previous feature Flashpage, you can maintain your folder structure for the next feature.

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Maintaining templates is a thing of the past with Redocd. The Redocd Flashpage is setup to provide your team the clear picture of the full delivery for every app, product and feature.