Filters have come to Propages! So…what does this mean?

More important than simply filtering for a specific file, you can find any file your teammates have uploaded. But don’t only filter for files your teammates have added, you can also find link-shared documents.

…but don’t just filter for uploaded or link-shared documents, you can also find specific Meeting Notes too!…

…and Wiki articles!

…and even How To’s!…


Simply type into the keyword filter box, and watch the screen dynamically update your cards (files, links, wiki, how-to) and meeting notes. Bam.

And if that doesn’t get you close enough, you can ‘filter out’ the results by using the ‘Does not include‘ filter. This is extremely helpful for refining search results quickly and getting rid of the clutter.


Channels are a way to find files or documents based on the application type, even if that application is an online application.

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For example: You are looking for a spreadsheet from a client that includes a very important data mapping but you can’t remember if it was Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets. Simply check both Excel and Sheets in the Channel dropdown. Easy peasy.

These filters truly make finding anything from your teammates and clients a snap.

Client Expry-Share

“Can I have my Clients upload directly to my pages”? Today, is that day.

The newly released Client Expry-Share is now available in Redocd! This feature is revolutionary because it allows you and your team to build out your pages, folders, and everything else needed to collaborate as a team…and then…share a limited access portal for clients to upload their files into the right spots in your team pages.

Why is this so important?

This feature allows you to give your Client ‘map’ of where to upload their documents (& shareable links too) and include instructions and additional details for your Client…all by sharing a single link. Save yourself from the back and forth of emailing with your Client, or from the hassle of giving your Client a “dump-everything folder” to later re-organize every file and link later. No more.

How it Works

Prep the Page

First, simply Clone your last flashpage. This page will have your existing folder workflow on it and cloning will create a new ‘shell flashpage’, maintaining your team’s current folder structure / workflow.

Send It!

Next, click the Share button, and choose to either copy the link, or email it directly to your Client with an optional note.

Also, you can ‘prep’ the flashpage with details and files that your Client may need. For example, if your Client needs to upload several documents, you can include some instructions on the flashpage, along with other attachments to help them with the process.

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Wait for the Magic

The best part: let your Client do the work for you, and do that work in the right places. When providing them access to your flashpage, your internal information is protected as your Client can only do a certain number of actions:

  • Upload documents
  • Upload link-shared files
  • Add a note

Your client won’t see your team’s internal conversations, meeting notes, or even the meta data about the flashpage that you’ve shared.

Enjoy the organization…with your Organization

Even while the Client is doing their work, your team can see the entire picture and can continue to do their work. And after the Client is done, the link expires, your system is updated and organized, and your team is ready for more collaboration.

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To learn more about this feature or any other features, simple request a Demo!