Keep your Jira or Trello

Redocd is a Knowledge Management tool, so there's no need leave your favorite Project Tracking tool. Empower your team to organize their deliverables, files, and notes in one, simple team space, while continuing to track who's doing what in Jira, Trello, something else.

Redocd for Software teams

Save and Sort Anything.

When your Designer uses Sketch, your Marketing person uses Adobe, your Developer uses Office365, and You use Google Drive for everything else. Finally put online shareable links and 'hard' files from your desktop - all in one perfect place.


"Doc It."

With Redocd's Chrome Extension, any online application with the [Copy Link] button empowers you to share your work with the entire team. No more needing to email every teammate individually. Simply click Copy Link, and Doc It.

The Chrome Extension Cleaner

Normal KM systems become massively cluttered over time. With Redocd, every project page (Propage) has the same layout, while still allowing your team to configure the exact sequence of events needed to deliver that finished product.

Propoages | Flashpages


Coming soon! We are are working closely with some very special organizations to get a lot ready for full public use & pricing.

If you're interested in becoming an early partner, click below, see it in action and get in!